The CWA News | Here’s How We’re Fighting Back

Volume 74, Issue #3 | Fall 2014

Fix The Senate Now

Last year, under pressure from CWAers and thousands of progressive activists, the Senate voted to change the rules for confirmation of most executive and judicial nominees. That made it possible to now have a fully functional NLRB and other key confirmations and has led to a wave of votes and confirmations on federal courts and executive offices.

But Republicans are continuing their stalling tactics, wasting time and obstructing legislation that would benefit working men and women, like unemployment compensation, pay equity and more.

That’s why CWA and our partners in the Fix the Senate Now coalition continue to rally for change. Until a super majority or 60 votes is no longer the default threshold for nearly every order of Senate business, we will continue to work to fix the broken Senate.

Fighting for our Voting Rights

Fighting for our Voting RightsVoting is a right. And in many countries, universal registration is the rule. But across the U.S., many lawmakers are erecting roadblocks to that important right.

Right after the 2010 midterm elections, state legislatures began passing laws that could disenfranchise minority, senior, student, low-income and disabled Americans. At least 22 states have adopted voting restrictions, from ending early voting to limiting registration and cutting the number of polling places, especially in urban areas.

Last year, the Supreme Court gutted Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act that requires federal oversight of all new voting practices in areas of the county with a history of voting discrimination. As a result of several Supreme Court decisions, including Shelby, suddenly it’s more difficult for ordinary Americans to vote but much easier for the super-rich to influence elections.