The CWA News | CWA Votes 2016

Volume 75, Issue #3 | Fall 2015

Who Would You Choose?


CWA has not made any endorsement for the presidential primary elections. Our members decide what action, if any, we take on endorsement. That process is open right now. CWA’s political action website,, has responses from those candidates who answered our questions about issues like good jobs and trade, fair wages and bargaining rights, retirement security and much more, plus links like those below to all the announced candidates’ websites.

Check out for information about how to make your choice. Then go online and vote for the candidate of your choice. The poll will stay open into early December. You also can access it through the CWA app.


All the announced candidates had the opportunity to answer questions that are important to working families. Read more from the five candidates who responded.

Full questions and answers available at

On Good, Full-Time Jobs

Clinton: We need to strengthen labor’s ability to organize and ensure workers share in rising productivity…We need to make investments that drive job creation, productivity and growth…we need to make it easier for every American to find a good job by making quality child care more affordable.

Huckabee: The enactment of the Fair Tax (a tax on consumption of goods and services) will have a dramatic impact on manufacturing and job creation.

O'Malley: I would appoint a chair and vice chair of the Federal Reserve who appreciates the institution’s dual mandate – controlling inflation and moving toward full employment.

Sanders: The first bill I introduced in the Senate this year would put at least 13 million Americans to work by investing in rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. We also have to address the serious youth unemployment crisis in America.

Webb: Too many of the new jobs are less than full-time and do not include medical or retirement benefits…there is no magic wand to wave over this problem but with your cooperation it must be addressed.

On Trade Deals Like the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Huckabee: I strongly oppose the TPP and Fast Track.

O'Malley: I believe we must reject bad trade deals like the TPP that hurt middle class wages and ship middle class jobs overseas.

Sanders: I am strongly opposed to Fast Track and the disastrous TPP.

Webb: I opposed the recent vote to extend Fast Track… I am not convinced that the TPP is adequately protecting the interests of American workers.

Clinton: My focus is on what is in the final trade agreement because that will directly impact the American people. We should walk away from any outcome that falls short.

On Bargaining Rights for Public and Private Sector Workers

Sanders: Workers should be allowed to join unions when a majority sign valid authorization cards…every worker in America (public and private) should have the fundamental right to bargain.

Huckabee: The President should foster a more cooperative relationship between labor and management. I will support policies that make it easier for companies to produce and manufacture in the U.S…I am not opposed to public workers being part of a union, each state must determine the best approach that fits that state.

Clinton: I stand on the side of all workers fighting for the continued right to organize and bargain collectively.

O'Malley: I would champion legislation to make it easier for workers to gain union representation…more people, not fewer, need the right to organize…I would lead the fight to strengthen collective bargaining rights for public sector workers.

Webb: I voted to help extend collective bargaining rights for public sector workers... To the extent that public sector collective bargaining does not compromise the delivery of critical services, it is my belief that most public sector workers should be able to effectively collaborate with the aim of promoting the safest and most balanced workplace possible.

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