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CWA Retired Members Council

Feb 18, 2016

CWA Retirees, Active Members Fight Nokia-Lucent on Pension Grab

CWA retired and active members are pushing back against Nokia-Lucent's attempt to grab billions in pension assets from a plan covering retired CWA and IBEW members and transfer those funds to an underfunded management fund. Read More

Feb 1, 2016

Senator Sanders’s Strong Showing in Iowa Builds on Energy, Enthusiasm

What an incredible night! Just one month ago, Senator Sanders trailed by double digits in Iowa polling. That picture has fundamentally changed. Sanders's message of restoring an America that works for all of us has been spreading throughout the country, engaging first time voters, young people, independents, even conservatives. New Hampshire is the next stop in a campaign that continues to energize millions of Americans. Read More

Jan 7, 2016

CWA Gets New Jersey Lawmakers to Back Constitutional Referendum on Pension Funding

New Jersey lawmakers have approved a resolution setting a referendum on the November 2016 that addresses funding of the state public pension system. Read More

Nov 30, 2015

RMC National Executive Officers Election Notice

National Executive Officer Elections 2015 for the January 2016 to December 31, 2020 Term of Office. Read More

Nov 19, 2015

CWA Charges Alcatel-Lucent with Illegally Raiding Retirees’ Health Care Money

CWA has filed for a temporary restraining order against Alcatel-Lucent to block its illegal plans to use money slated for retirees' health care to cover its own pension funding obligations. The motion was filed Nov. 18 in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey. Read More

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