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Speed Matters

Speed Matters promotes affordable high-speed Internet for all Americans. Working with our partners and allies we advocate for programs and policies that build affordable, universal high-speed broadband investment.

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Retirement security is critical to the futures of all workers, and CWA workers are no different. CWA works with members to help them achieve the best possible retirement program, and advocates for them through political action at that local, state, and national levels.

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Jobs and Trade Icon

CWA is committed to fighting in Washington DC for policies and laws that protect our members jobs from offshoring, create an environment of investment in good quality jobs, and ensure a stable future for the growth of our members' jobs.

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Health and Safety Icon

The CWA Occupational Safety and Health Department has as its primary responsibility the elimination/minimization of member exposure to hazardous working conditions and potentially related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

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Human Rights Icon

Our Human Rights program helps build a union where members of all cultures, religions, sexual orientations, gender, disabilities, ages and nationalities feel welcomed, respected and heard; and where the leadership reflects the diversity of our membership.

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Health Care Icon

CWA is committed to securing accessible, affordable health care for all.

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International Solidarity Icon

Learn how the Communications Workers of America truly is an international union.

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Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement Icon

The Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement is likely to impact jobs, wages, agriculture, migration, the environment, access to medicine, consumer safety, banking regulations and more.

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Fighting for a Sustainable Economy, Environment & Democracy Icon

Both the labor and environmental movements have been the targets of a well-coordinated, well-funded attack. The gains both communities have made over the past 76 years are being eroded. CWA and the Sierra Club are working together both nationally and locally across the country.

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